I live in a beautiful country known as New Zealand.  It is a small country in the southern hemisphere.  The only land mass below us is the continent of Antarctica, almost completely covered in ice.  Despite this geographical positioning, it is not cold here.  Right now as I write this in the middle of winter at 9pm, it is 14 degrees (C).  In summer it can get as high as 35 degrees (C).

New Zealand is also known as Aotearoa.  This name was given by our indigenous population, the Maori people.  It means ‘the land of the long white cloud,’ describing New Zealand’s shape.

I feel lucky to grow up in a land where I am free from persecution, have a roof over my head, where fresh food and water is bountiful, and I am surrounded by many good people.  New Zealand’s landscape is a mixture of snow capped mountains, thick green native bush, beaches (some of these rugged, others golden), lakes, rivers, vineyards, and acres of farm land.

New Zealand is known also for its adventure sports such as white water rafting, bungy jumping, water skiiing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding and sky diving.   We also love to go camping, fishing, have a barbecue, play sports, and enjoy the great outdoors.   If you love nature, you will love New Zealand.

There is another aspect to New Zealand.  We are creative, love art, music, enjoy socialising, and have a wide array of cafes, restaurants and great coffee!  I feel that my personality is New Zealand personified.

I am 39 years old and live with my husband Richard, my daughter Natasha, and her husband Lee.  We also have a six year old adopted son Pouniu whom we treasure.

My motivation for this blog is to share with you my stories and connect with the world.  I love to write because it is my way of expressing and making sense of the world around me.   I want to write for a living.  Maybe this is a start.


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